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Making Estimated Payments 

Client Education: IRS & AZ Estimated Payments (updated 2022)

7-minute read-along guide


US income tax is a pay-as-you-go system. If you are not prepaying or withholding enough from your w-2, you will need to prepay your taxes manually. These prepayments are called Estimated Payments.


April 15th

 June 15th

September 15th

the following January 15th.


1. Have your prior-year return in hand for payment amounts and identity verification info.

The first page of your tax return letter will show your estimated tax payment amounts and schedule for the year. You might see a schedule for the IRS, Arizona, or both. These instructions are just for the IRS (Federal Tax)

You will also need your checking account and routing numbers from the account you want to pay out of.

2. Navigate to the IRS website,

3. Click “Make a Payment”


4. Click the “Bank Account (Direct Pay)” button in the “Pay your taxes reaNow” box. 


*You will need your bank routing and account number. If you choose to pay by card, the IRS uses a 3rd party processor and they will charge a fee.


5. Click the blue “Make a Payment” button.


6. On the Direct Pay Application select the following:

a. Reason for payment “Estimated Tax”

b. Apply Payment to "1040ES" (for forms 1040, 1040A, 1040EZ)

c. Tax Period for Payment "2022" or current year.


7. Click Continue. Verify the info in the dialog box and click continue again.

8. Use the prior year tax return to verify your identity. Enter the verification data as it appears on the tax return. Click Continue. 


9. Fill out the payment amount as prescribed on your prior year tax return, your payment bank information and email address. Click Continue to verify information and submit.

6 new.png

10. Save a copy of your confirmation. End.

*Bonus tip: You can schedule two payments per day so if you want to schedule all current year estimates to pay automatically by their due dates, (set it and forget it) you will have to do two one day, and the other two the next.

WARNING - Please know that following links from any website to enter payment info is a risk. It is best practice to navigate to the agency’s website directly.

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