The services I provide are a custom blend of my skillset and your needs. I have mastered accounting and technology required to create an efficient plan of action for your needs. Your only regret will be that you didn't start sooner.


Starting at
Starting at

This is a basic after-the-fact bookkeeping service where you manage your business cash flow, and I follow behind to collect and organize that data in an understandable format. 


Write-up is the most limited service that organizes your financial history and computes taxable net income and has you ready for tax time.

Concurrent Bookkeeping
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This is real-time bookkeeping

where we work together on

all of your accounting.


You'll receive organizational tools for the businesses' daily activities,

(read: managing who has outstanding invoices, what bills are due, etc.) and reports that can provide answers to key questions for management

decision making.

Choose your own adventure
*Price varies

Your goals, management style and budget will reveal the right mix of services. I can do as much or as little as you need.

It starts with a consultation...

Price and work displayed here are general to give you an idea of a type of engagement and cost. Engagements are ultimately customized to your needs, and the price is agreed upon beforehand.

3rd Party subscriptions are required at an additional expense.



Establish Payroll
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Managing Payroll
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Let's Talk

Need to set up payroll for the first time?


Thinking about converting from a manual system? 


Don't understand payroll tax return requirements?


Want coaching on how to do it yourself?



Myron P. Trafelet Jr. CPA

my dad

Myron has been in public practice for forever. He an I have

been accounting partners for the last 11 years, teaming up to provide accounting services for a wide variety of entrepreneurs and small businesses.


Any tax return preparation will be performed or reviewed by Myron P. Trafelet Jr. CPA.


 p.s he's awesome.


Add-on Services

Sales Tax
Accounts Payable
Document Retention

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